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Shaper Specs
Moving Head Shaper - End Mill
Moving Head Shaper - Click to view larger photo

We have manufactured moving fixture type shapers (also called end mills or endmills) for over 15 years and the “Moving Head Shaper” is our latest offering. This machine provides the fastest spindle speed and longest travel in the industry for your end mill fabrications.

The automatic moving head shaper comes standard with 22 inches of travel. With this amount of stroke you can process up to four parts per cycle. You also have the ability to adjust the spindle speed with two settings of 7,500 or 10,000 rpm. The high spindle speeds offer faster production with a cleaner cut. You now have the power and quality you have always needed!

Through innovative engineering we have also provided an adjustable spindle height in this moving head type shaper. No longer do you need to hassle with spacers or shims to locate the proper height for your cutter stack.

Custom cutter stacks can be made to order for your specific cutting requirements. The shaper/endmill can handle a stack up to 6 inches in height when necessary. Cutter stacks are easily changed by removing one lock nut, allowing quick fabrication of your endmilling needs.

Every shaper comes fully guarded, and has safety interlocks on axis door and on fixture clamps. This prevents movement when the clamp cylinders are not activated.

The ATD Moving Head Shaper has adjustable spindle height and provides higher spindle speeds and longer travel than our competitors.
Cutter Stack - Click to view larger photo
Custom cutter stacks can be made to order for your specific end mill cutting requirements.

Please call or e-mail for availability and pricing.

Call for a FREE CD of the Shaper in action!
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