AccurateToolsOnline.com is a website that I created to provide helpful woodworking advice and unbiased reviews of power tools.

Hi, I’m Oliver.
I was introduced to woodworking by my late grandfather who owned a small woodworking shop in his barn.

Working with only hand tools is fun, but I soon realized that having some basic power tools could make my hobby way more enjoyable. One of the first power tools I bought was a circular saw. A random orbital sander from Makita and a benchtop table saw followed soon after.

Choosing the best tools proved to be rather challenging, considering how many different brands and options there are in today’s marketplace.

Personally, I want to be sure I’m not being taken advantage of if I’m paying for anything. When purchasing my tools, I looked through hundreds of power tool evaluations on Amazon and read dozens of product reviews online to locate those that provided the best balance between price and quality. To give an unbiased review for each instrument that I review.

There’s a plethora of sites on the web with reviews on tools. Many of which with biased reviews and frustrated with the quality of information. I wanted to change that.

I started this blog to help others, like me, who want to know which tool is best for them.

AccurateToolsOnline was founded on the principle of providing an unbiased assessment for each tool. Isn’t it simple? Who runs Accurate Tools Online?
One person. Me.

I wanted to create a website where people could come and get honest reviews about the tools they were interested in. No biased opinions or promotional material, just the facts.

If you want to know more about me or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for reading!

Oliver Oz.

Founder, AccurateToolsOnline.com